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Beautiful ukrainian women

四月 3, 2020 - 6:13 上午 No Comments

Beautiful ukrainian women

The other day within the Kiev operetta, we find the champion regarding the competition “KRASNA KRAЇNI 2019?, that will express Ukraine into the arena that is international of WORLD 2019 in Asia.

Fifteen super-finalists of this competition fought for the success. They prepared because of this time in lot of phases: girls passed 45 times. THE MARATHON OF BEAUTY and organized the charity auction “Overcome the Cancer Together”, where funds were gathered for buying gear within the care that is intensive associated with the nationwide Scientific Center of Radiation Medicine.

In line with the link between online voting and points for the celebrity jury, which included: • Olga Sumskaya – People’s Artist of Ukraine, • Vladimir Grishko – People’s Artist of Ukraine, • Roman Mucha, basic producer of M2 channel, • Raytsin Arkady – CEO of guy of this 12 months, • Elena Yushchenko – President associated with Mom’s Heart Charitable Foundation, • Oksana Kononets – the winner for the competition “Beauty without restrictions – 2016” • Anna Shchapova – champion of Mrs WORLD 2012, • Elena Bernatskaya – famous Ukrainian designer, • Irina Rybachuk – interior designer, • Inelly Brul – designer jewelry, • Olga Guseva – general producer of Fashion television, • Gerhard Frese – founder associated with information task, • Marina Kinakh – Honored Journalist of Ukraine, • Victoria Yuligina – founder and CEO of 5staresxpo,