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Vietnamese tradition concern- wedding precious precious jewelry

四月 3, 2020 - 5:00 下午 No Comments

Vietnamese tradition concern- wedding precious precious jewelry

I am a white guy marrying a Vietnamese woman (from Vietnam) therefore maybe i could provide a small amount of assistance regarding the wedding precious jewelry procedure.

Quick response: Yes, you may be proper. Moms and dads current wedding precious jewelry into the bride.

Long response: During the(tea that is betrothal ceremony, which often takes destination a couple of weeks to a couple months prior to the actual wedding, the groom’s moms and dads typically presents the bride with wedding precious jewelry. In past times, the precious jewelry had been often high-karat (at the least 20 karat) platnium, and contained a thick necklace, fall earrings, plus some type of bangle or bracelet. In our contemporary world, it really is often the exact same necklace that is thick bracelet, however the earrings usually are diamond (or even more likely fake diamond) earrings rather than ordinary silver, as well as the string may have mexican brides at a pendant also.

Here is the customized. But that does not suggest you must follow it to your T. I would personally state that, then they’re not going to budge on the presenting of gifts during the tea ceremony if the parents are fairly conservative (are they living in Vietnam or Vietnamese Americans. (更多…)